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Cameron Poetzscher is Helping to Drive Uber

June 24, 2017

The bulk of Cameron Poetzscher's long career in business has been focused on the technology, media and telecommunications sectors, although he has primarily concentrated on financial services. He has shown a particular interest in entertainment and Internet, which is why he seems like such an excellent fit as an executive with tech giant Uber, where he is their Head of Corporate Development.

However, Cameron Poetzscher’s experience is much broader than that. He was with Goldman Sachs as an investment professional for 17 years, where he gained significant experience working with companies in many other sectors. In addition to the Internet and entertainment, he also led the way in the financial, healthcare, consumer products, natural resources, industrial and real estate fields, as well. Also, his experience is global in scope as he has done deals on five continents. Prior to Goldman, Cameron Poetzsher got as much education as he could. He earned an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School and then spent some time on their Finance Faculty, where he conducted research and wrote up cases on subjects like hedging, derivatives and liability management.